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Forum Rules
General Thread Rules

1. Disrespect/Racism/Bullying/Harassment

The forums are a place for the community to share ideas. Also a place to get along with others in a non-competitive area. Any comments or behavior which are made to insult or belittle others will not be tolerated. Everyone should feel like they belong in the community.  Please note, in all cases content which is against this rule, will also be removed.

2. Spam/Farming/Necro Posts

The forums are a place for meaningful conversations or idea sharing. Any comments which are made purely to boost your forum post number or spam a thread for any reason are not tolerated. This also includes bumping posts too regularly (You may bump threads once per week, any extra will be a breach of this rule). Suggestions may always be commented on, regardless of the time of creation or last comment.

3. Advertising

Advertising any other website except your personnel YouTube Channel is not tolerated.  Please note, content which is against this rule will also be removed.

4. Inappropriate/Malicious Links

Any links which go to pornographic content, screamers, malware, or phishing sites are purely not allowed. Please note, do not have shortened links on the forums.

5. DDoS/Dox/Swat/etc Threats

Any Threats to the safety of someone or their cyber belongings is not tolerated, and will result in immediate removal from the forums.

6. Death Wishes/Threats

Death wishes or threats are completely unacceptable under any circumstances and are not dealt with lightly. 

9. Forum Ban Evasion

If your forum account has been banned, it means that you are no longer welcome to use the forums, and cannot create a new account to bypass this. 

10. Profile Signatures

Profile signature content must be within the general rules outlined above.  Forum signatures cannot contain advertisement for another website, except your personnel YouTube Channel.    Links or URL's are not allowed at this time.

11.  Profile Information

Profile information must be within the general rules outlined above.  Member profiles allow a space for your YouTube Channel URL.  Use of this space or any other profile section for other advertisements will result in warnings and/or bans.

This list of rules can be modified at any point of time, with or without prior notice, it is the users responsibility to regularly check this list to ensure no issues arise.

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